Hello, world! I’m Mike Bramble and I am a PhD candidate in the Planetary Geoscience doctoral program at Brown University. I apply remote sensing techniques to quantify planetary geochemistry and surface processes.

Current projects:
  • Using laboratory experiments to constrain how infrared emissivity spectra alter due to near-surface thermal gradients produced on airless bodies
  • Remote characterization of the Northeast Syrits Major candidate landing site for the Mars 2020 rover
  • Constraining carbonate formation mechanisms in Nili Fossae, Mars via manual and automated analyses of remote hyperspectral data
  • Quantitative stratigraphic analysis of layered features at Bradbury crater, Mars using high spatial resolution orbital imagery

Contact Information:

Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
Brown University
324 Brook St.
Box 1846
Providence, RI 02912

email: michael_bramble [at] brown [dot] edu
office: Lincoln Field Building Room 119
voicemail: +1 (626) 817-6715
twitter: @mbramble
links: Google Scholar / Research Gate / Astrophysics Data System / ORCID